Burj Khalifa This view is endless literally !

This title is not any secret recipe for vanilla-lemon ice cream, however it
is a sweet story old almost two years, started here in this crazy hot sandbox, the “Disneyland for the adults”, vacation paradise, golden getaway, or how I simple call it – Home.
I moved here exactly two years ago, to start a new life, to find out what I want and most important to reshape myself and grow.

I left my country after I got a job in the Airline, in just couple of months I packed my stuff in only two suitcases, grabed  my ticket, and never looked back. I think every new step in life takes lot of courage; in the beginning people miss you, you miss people, skepticism increases…
I started questioning myself :”How much I really want this? What if I fail?” I think everybody is afraid of the failure.

Listen you inner self.The answer is always in you, I will tell you where did my voice take me.

Panicking, anxiety, sadness and so many  mixed emotions which we all must experience in order to get what we want.


Red Infusion


It was an April 2015, I landed in Dubai, my Airline organized welcome here, they picked me up and escorted me to my new home, as per contract I was destined to stay here for minimum three years
This was the only accessories I ever wanted to wear in that moment, everything what I was preparing for, what I saw in the airports and photos.
My aim was to finish two months of the training and to finally put that red hat and start flying. Hot breeze , start of the summer in Dubai. Beautiful April in Dubai.
“This will be my city” I said. I will never look back again.

Duty calls!

This bitter sweet story started at the airport, where I always come back again and again.
Don’t u think that airports are the places where you can see most genuine emotions people are blessed with? Tears when loved ones are leaving, mixed emotions of anger ,sadness, or au contraire the scenes from the “Dirty dancing”  when they run into each others arms!?
Unbelievable and intense sentiments every time wherever in the world I land. Singapore, Vienna, New York, Beijing, Melbourne, Tokyo! We share the same love wherever we are, we all miss someone, or we look forward to.
Dubai was my home now, as I work a lot, I spend my free time with my sister, my pride and my wingman. She is in the same industry as I am, we are both flight attendants.  How kinky that is my fellas?
She followed me to Dubai shortly after, but I had some time to explore it and to perceive it my way.

Summer here is very hot as we all know, it is more about humidity than Fahrenheits, at least to me!! It is easier to get lost in one of the Malls or just to cool down at home.
I remember when I first came here, headaches were my toughest struggle
We would go out to 44 degrees, and enter inside to 18.

Sundays, the view Burj Al Arab Well know as 7* hotel

IN and OUT, IN and OUT, and if you don’t take enough water, honey, you are down!
I will mention just one thing everybody hates here, which is traffic. Now I said it. And I will never repeat it again because I don’t drive, and I don’t care. My best friend Is Mr Uber, and we are in companionship in every city I go.

Noon crowd in the DIFC

For me that is the best solution, and I feel like I have my private driver. So poshy and spoiled.
ALl mentioned is discouragement for everyone who wants to move here, but hello! If you feel comfortable to complain about such a silly thing, you don’t deserve to live anywhere in the world, not just Dubai.
Dubai is a splendid place. Every morning I wake up with the view to famous, the tallest, the prettiest Burj Khalifa, and I drink espresso. The heat starts to be unbearable around 8 or 9 pm. I do all my groceries before,  and than I go to the beach, pool until  6 pm.


Conrad Hotel Pool in Spring

Not so long ago I use to say that the view in my country is the prettiest, and I still stick to that, here in Dubai is just special. People call it superficial, plastic,  but Dubai is the best example of “esthetic surgery”  as Kim Kardashian is the best example of the one named above, and she is a millionaire and has a  million of admirers and maybe even you are one of them. I don’t wanna know. Happy days. Digression.
I support and I admire idea of a man who  built from sand all this excellence and extravagance. His Highness brought here the best brands, the best hotel chains, amusement parks, food chains, there is Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi too,  the beaches , fountains, superstructures and most of all, people from all over the world settled in one place showing mutual respect to each other, loving it or not it is contagious, and even though lot of people would make a bad inappropriate comments, most of us , choose it to be nothing else but HOME.

DIFC – Dubai Financial Coffee

Here and there you can always hear some vicious, poisonous comments about the culture intolerance, unlimited freedom.
What I can tell you is, Dubai is a bit different from other Arabic countries,cities. Not good or bad, but definitely safe, and one of the safest cities I have been. I will just mention to you my so many times lost wallet, which reached back his owner, me,  and my two phones happily landed into my hands just the day after.
Go for it! Come ! And bring some ready money with you!
Oh man, you gonna need money here.

Mall of the Emirates Monopoly LIVE You might also want to join? Go for it!
It is really expensive. London-expensive, Tokyo-expensive. But it really is.
People earn lots of money, but most of it goes for the small pleasures. Healthy life is also expensive life. Gym membership, sport equipment, food…This is all what costs, but if it is essential to make you feel good and work on yourself, than what the heck! Spend! Buy! Smile!
Everybody needs a bit of show off in life! We all work for it, why to run from it like it represents something evil?
Ah, our Western culture! “Money is evil, work hard, safe even more.

Save for “rainy days”?
Of course you will get the rainy days if you expect them!

Souk Madinat When I miss home, getaway is in Madinat Plenty of food, nice seaview, hotels…

Life is so much fun, and not many know how to live it.
                                         You speak Arabiya?
Arabic men here are delightful. I use to called them “Angels” every time I would noticed them passing collectively the street in dish dash. Sweet dark delightful treat. Don’t judge me, I might have different taste for men but what I know we are all attracted to exotics, and Arabs, for someone coming from Europe, are very exotic.
The way how they treat a women is still the old way some women wants to  be treated – as a lady, as a weaker opposite sex. That’s not to say we really are weaker, but we like to be treated as one occasionally. I think this is just the evolution.

Me, Abu Dhabi Mosque and the Sunset

Man -providers, women- CEOs of household, children, money.. Someone would say its gay and fake.  Than say it. I still havent elaborate upon what is really the best for me.


What makes my quality day off is sipping prosecco on some of the rooftops, after 7pm,  sitting in Dubai Marina. Stunning scenery, bling bling cars, the rush of the city, like tomorrow will end, adrenalin at Thursday night. Beautiful hotels offer lot of more than just accommodation.

I recall staying in Ritz Carlton for the first time, before I moved to Dubai, and the Arabic music infusion was taking over the hotel hallways, the dusty wind would have blowed my light white dress up and once again, I felt like in the movie scene. Yeah, Marilyn’s subway scene, but much more innocent.


Arabic Nights “Shimmers” – beach bar

I use to smoke shisha more often than I do now, I guess I wanted to FIT IN the culture. I loved that thick smoke, it use to remind me of movie scenes of femme fatale Rita Hayworth in “Gilda” from 1946. Now I just want to stay  out of it and embrace my Balkans from 2017.

My street, my happiness

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire


Saying this I wish you all blessed weekend.






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