Small talk, big mouth!


we love Senegal

“I woke up this morning in Africa!”

This is how I respond every time on the same question:”Where are you today?” Depending of time zone in different hours, I will reply with different destination.

The reason is : I never wake up in the same place, and I never have the same view over the window, as well I never enjoy the same weather, the company of the same people, same grocery shops…

Why? – Pretty obvious, it is my job which permits this, and it is a big MUST to have a suitcases prepared, battery charger, underwear, a nice psychology book which keeps my interest for more than one hour, or a week , a pair of high heels, a black cocktail dress and one jacket! This is what I usually keep in my suitcase, no matter where I go…

If you were guessing  by any chance, here it is ! – I am a flight attendant .

I work for prestigious Airline on the Middle East, lovely job, lovely, lovely people , destinations, lifestyle, hotels.

You would  expect me to say the famous “BUT”? But, there is no “but”!

It’s not a brainer that I now and then  miss my family, some of my sedentary habits, but over time, things got changed. Once you leave the nest and you settle somewhere where everything you do makes you happier, wealthier, experienced culturally, spiritually, mentally, love it or not, You can never go back to the basics.

How did it all started?

The day I got accepted  in this company, was the pact with my Soul. I give it big S because it’s only my truth, my and unique.

Universe brought me up to life and liberated me for discoveries of  all of my fears and hidden desires and passions followed with hard work and bit of pain, but what is life without true struggle? People say, the pain is the only sincere emotion human being can have.. You can not control it and it is hard to heal it. This is the part where we all grow.

In this job its easy to get older soon, not so much physically, not everything is physical, dah! Let’s  just say that I have travelled around 50 countries in just the last three years- regardless to my job, and my father hasn’t reach half of it, which means, I could have by now the experience of 60 year old man, in knowledge about history, monuments, love experience, miles ….

…and the stress management I mastered in this job is one of the most valuable things for me , sometimes it can be adopted in my private life and I expect lots from people ready to strike back.. I am ready almost about everything that comes in my direction. Almost everything, except love.

Love is my nemesis…

But that will be some other story for another post, for now, let me get back to Africa and my occupation.

I travel for living, or to put it this way, I am an addicted traveler who sneaked into the aviation industry, to travel and collect the things and ideas from the world itself, so  I could pass them to others and collect it into my memoires and finally to dedicate myself to one of my most valuable passions : writing.

And here I am, with my unpacked suitcase again in Senegal.

I would have never ever chose it to go for vacation , but this reserve month, I got this 6 days trip to discover this western part of Africa

I can tell you that it reminded me lot of my mediterranean home, hospitality and food are so similar, and what I liked most is easy communication  because Senegalese speak French, which by a lucky chance, I have studied in my University. Good girl.

Dakar is an old town with lots of colonial architecture. My crew explored two main attractions : Pink Lake and Gorée Island or named Slavery Island, sounds spooky right?

Gorée Island is known for its role in the 15th – 19th century Atlantic slave trade.

Pink Lake, Lac Rose or Lake Retba  is about an hour from Senegal.  Why do they call it PINK you wonder? Its distinct color is caused by a salina bacteria which is attracted by the lake’s  salt content. Bacteria is red pigmented, attracts the sunlight and BANG!! Here it is the beautiful pinkish color.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend you or tell you anything from my acquaintance, as my lovely ass spent three days eating mango on the pool, flirting in French with waiters and pilot from Air France which shared the same hotel, and drinking Flag, local bier. Very light,  a bit bitter, but so refreshing …


I know I will be back to this place again, what makes me sad is the fact I will come with another crew, another circumstances, I will be older than I am today and things just will not match…

Time goes so fast, you know… I never travel with the same crew.  Our fleet  has 20 000 personel,  and we never see each other again. Sometimes in Headquarters I see familiar faces, and we look each other as we were the best friends in some of our previous lifes, but we just nod our heads as acknowledgment > I know you sista, we did some crazy sh*t together, I just cant remember when and what!< It is kind of funny, (sad?)  like you have amnesia, a stroke, and u died and now in this new life you are trying to figure out who you were. Silly.
On the other hand, some people I never want to see again, I never get to see , hehe, which is a big plus in this job.

Today on board my flight will be 16 nationalities. Hehe , yes, 16 … and speaking 19 different languages, all of us together in a metal tube flying up to 40 000 feet back to Dubai, with more than 300 passengers… crazy…
Did u picture it?

I live it.

Africa has stunning landscape. Sunsets should be welcomed in coffee bars, which are very similar to the ones in Greece, yellow melting into the red, red melts into the blue with the ocean. Penetration of the sun into the ocean for almost 20 minutes is worth every picture you might snap while eating fresh seafood. And please, eat seafood.
It is fresh, healthy and you will feel very light, because the weather can hit you hard and for the rest of your vacation you might also want to stay in the room. . But don’t do it.
Bring a nice book, and get ready for mosquitos too.

It is very high risk to malaria in these parts of Africa. I didn’t get vaccination, or took any pills. I know this might sound crazy, I don’t care though, but I believe whatever you see, feel and want, comes to you if you want it subconsciously so bad, and than it attacks you with its beauty, or beasts – LITERALLY !!

I wouldn’t recommend Dakar as a vacation destination, although I met people coming for this purpose, it’s just that I have seen and I know for much interesting, better places to go with your significant other, or group trips, but this place has its magic so powerful to people who are aspired by this simple lifestyle. I mean, you must be fond of Africa, you have to have this sport-surf-healthy-nomadic-freestyle heart to settle there and live with differences in cultures and language, and don’t expect much in return. But give!

As the law of Attraction says “Give more, so you can get more”

Legi, legi as senegalese greet ..

Stay safe,  dream high !


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